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Makalu/Arun Valley

MakaluMakalu at 8481 meter is the fifth highest mountain in the world and lies on the Nepal ??? Tibet border. The extensive views of all Nepal???s major peaks to the east of Mt. EVEREST are the main Hi ??? lights of this difficult and fascinating trek through seldom traveled terrain. After flying from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and transferred to Bus or Jeeps for the journey up to Basantapur, make approach to Mt. MAKALU on foot centers around the Arun Valley. This Arun Valley river rises in Tibet and consists of snow melt waters from the northern flanks of the Mt. EVEREST and the Mt. KANCHANJUNGA, before it breaks through the Himalayan clain at a height of only 1200 meters, 35 Km. east of the Mt. MAKALU. To void the oppressive neat and humidity of the lower Arun Valley take a ridge top detour via the beautiful Newari Bazaar, town of Chainpur.

Trek Itinerary
Day 1 Arrival Kathmandu and transfer at Hotel.
Day 2 Kathmandu Free or Sight seeing.
Day 3 Free and back pack for trekking.
Day 4 Kathmandu ??? Biratnagar By flight and transfer at Hotel. And Biratnagar, Tumlingtar by flight (937m.) 25 minute treks to Khandbari (900m.) 4hrs. Camp or, Kathmandu ??? Dharan ??? Hile, Basantapur by Bus and overnight in Camp.
Day 5 Khandbari ??? Bhote Bash (1725m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 6 Bhote Bash ??? Mure (2200m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 7 Bhote Bash ??? Seduwa (1480m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 8 Seduwa ??? Tashi Gaun (2050m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 9 Tashi Gaun ??? Kauma (3700m.) 6hrs. Camp.
Day 10 Kauma ??? Barun Pass ??? Mumbuk (3500m.) 6hrs. Camp.
Day 11 Mumbuk ??? Nehe Kharka (3670m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 12 Nehe Kharka ??? Shershon (4726m.) 6hrs. Camp.
Day 13 Shershon ??? Rest day and Explore. Camp.
Day 14 Shershon ??? Makalu Base Camp (4823m.) 6hrs. Camp.
Day 15 Makalu BC ??? Rest / Explore. Camp.
Day 16 Makalu BC ??? Ramara (4000m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 17 Ramara ??? Mumbuk (3500m.) 2hrs. Camp.
Day 18 Mumbuk ??? Unshisa (2800m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 19 Unshisa ??? Rumruma (2200m.) 6hrs. Camp.
Day 20 Rumruma ??? Fururu (1600m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 21 Fururu ??? Manebhanjyang (1150m.) 5hrs. Camp.
Day 22 Manebhanjyang ??? Khandbari (900m.) 5hrs. Camp
Day 23 Khandbari ??? Tumlingtar (937m.) 3hrs. Camp.
Day 24 Fly Tumlingtar ??? Biratnagar and transfer at Hotel.
Day 25 Fly Biratnagar ??? Kathmandu and transfer at Hotel.
Day 26 Kathmandu Free and rest.
Day 27 Transfer to T.I.A. for your onward journey.

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