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Trekking Crew (World Vision Trekking and Expedition)Warm Welcome to Country of Himalayas, Nepal !!!

World Vision Trekking and Expedition company was started by experienced mountain guides with an aim to provide a wide range of adventurous treks and cultural tours especially in Nepal along with in Sikkim, Tibet and Bhutan.

We have a very friendly dedicated and passionate team to show you very special parts of the Himalayan ranges and countryside. Our guides will be your best friends, taking care of your every needs through the whole trip starting from your arrival to your departure. We will arrange different outdoor activities including cultural tours, white-water rafting, jungle safari to see wildlife, bird watching, paragliding along the snow-capped treks or mountain flight and social and community work for those who wish to serve. We can customize and design any type of a travel experience to meet requirements of our guest according to their budget and time frame.

We look forward to welcome you too and experience and see our amazing natural beautiful Himalayas and diverse culture.